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About Us

Laxmi Nursing Training Institute

Established in 2012, Located in suburban part of Varanasi, Laxmi Nursing Training Institute aims to provide the best education in the field of nursing in Purvanchal,trusted by 2000+ students.

We are committed to facilitate revolutionary learning using advance method,various facilities and a qualified and experienced faculty. 

Every year, we provide some of the best placements into hospitals & our students have been excelling and achieving the highest percentages across the city.


The demand for skilled, qualified nurses is ever present throughout the world. As the government plans to widen the health services network, the demand for this profession would continue to grow. It is estimated that there would be a demand of around 6 lakh nurses in the near future to improve the existing nurse-patient ratio, which is very low and unsatisfactory at present. Laxmi Nursing Training Institute has been started considering the above facts in mind and to provide trained and skilled nurses to the health services network both government as well as private health services providers.

A nursing career offers limitless opportunities. Nurses work with people of all ages, cultural back ground and life styles to help them achieve the highest level of wellness possible. Nurses provide and manage care in a variety of settings such as clinics, convalescent centers , corporations, correctional facilities , emergency rooms, homes, hospital industries , intensive care unit, mental health and substance abuse treatment centers, military base outreach programs, schools , sporting events, summer camps and worldwide health agencies to name a few.

Nurse teach people to promote and maintain their own wellness and to prevent illness. Nurses apply principles of physical, biological and psychosocial sciences as they work with individuals, families and communities. Based on scientific theory and method, through observation and assessment, nurses make clinical judgments, provide and manage care, and teach people about healthy living and symptom management. Nurse who earns baccalaureate and advanced degrees are also prepared for leadership, positions, independent practitioner roles and nursing research.

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Rules & Regulations Of Institute

Commencement of course: The Course will commence from 1"st of sept. every year.

Attendance: There must be 80% attendance both in theory and practical. Students having attendance less than 80% will not be allowed to appear in the U.P. state medical faculty examinations.

Discipline: All the students are expected to follow the rules and regulations of the institute. Violation of rules will result in strict disciplinary actions. Every student is expected to maintai apparatus and equipments in proper way. Students must honour the managing committee, principal, faculty staff & senior students.

Academics Activities: The timing of institute will be 9 am to 4 pm every day except Saturday, On Saturday timing will be 9 am to 12 pm. All students must reach by 08:50am to attend the prayer session.

Co-Curricular Activities: All the students are expected to participate in the co-curricular activities such as games & other professional and socio-cultural activities.

Uniform:All the student have to wear the prescribed uniform of the institute while coming to institute.

Identity Card : Each student will wear the identity card issued by the managing committee. Students will also be provided with name plates which must be put on every time.

Tuition and other fee: Every student will pay fee as per the fee structure defined by the management as per the payment scheduled.

Vacation, leave and holiday: The student have been alloted 4 weeks vacation every year. The vacation fixed are 2 weeks in winter and 2 weeks in summer. The students can avail 10 days sick leave in an year. If a student takes sick leave for more than 2 days, he/she will have to produce medical certificate by a registered medical practioner. All Sunday will be holiday and in addition students are allowed leave on gazetted holidays as decided by management.

Laboratory Practice : All the students are expected to maintain absolute discipline and silence in laboratory and should handle the articles and equipments carefully so that there should be no loss/ damages. In case of loss/damages, respective student will have to replace the same on his/her cost.

Mobile Phones : Use of mobile phone within the premises is strictly prohibited and violation of rule will result in strict disciplinary actions.

Anti Ragging: As per the orders of supreme court ragging of any kind in-side or out-side the institute / hostel is strictly prohibited and violation will result in actions as per court of law.


As per Indian Nursing Council rules hostel is compulsory for all student seeking admission in any nursing programme. Hostel facilitates uninterrupted studies as there will be no power cut and disturbances of any kind.

  • 1. Hostel and mess fee must be deposited by 12th of eachmonth.
  • 2. Students will be responsible to keep their rooms clean and neat.
  • 3. Students will be allowed to meet only those people who will produce their names and photographs authorized by their parents.
  • 4. Visitors will be allowed only on Saturday 4pm to 6pm and Sundays & holidays 10am to 5 pm. Visitors will be allowed to meet only in visitors room.
  • students will be allowed to go out of hostel only by the written permission of the warden twice a week between 5 pm to 6 pm (Monday to Saturday) and 10 am to 5 pm on Sunday and holidays.
  • 6. Students may be allowed to stay out of hostel for 2 days in a month in local guardian's place whose nameand photographs are authorized by their parents.
  • 7. Students must take their meals on the prescribed time of the mess. Complete disciple and silence must be maintained in the mess and students must be careful not to cause any damage to the items and articles of the mess.